Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Day I Feel You So Close To Me

Is The Day When I Feel Your Beat


9th April 2014
Since our last meet up baby, mama patiently waiting for our next date. *In between there was 2x ultrasound took place. hue hue hue~* Today was the day where mama eagerly wanted to hear your heartbeat. Dang~ we met in Hospital Lam Wah Ee, Penang, with Dr Quah. Your heart was beating so fast and clear. It was a wonderful feeling that no words could describe it. That is the moment where mama sedar yang baby sihat, sedang membesar dalam rahim mama. Yang semuanya bukan mimpi. Alhamdulillah. 

**There you are. My little bean. 9 weeks old**


At first mama ingat nak maintain dengan Dr Suriati. However abah beria2 suruh mama deliver kat Prince Court. He wants the best for us. Katanyalaaaa~~ So me and your mommy pun walk-in kat hospital tu nak buat appointment dengan Dr Seri Suniza *Googled the hospital's website to look for a muslim female gynea. Turn out she was the only one there*. 

So masa nak daftar tu, her nurse kata dia fully booked. Tapi still, they asked me to leave my phone number manatau ada slot yang mama boleh squeeze in. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki baby nak jadi baby Prince Court. Mama dapat slot 19th June 2014. In 2 months time baru boleh jumpa. *Dalam hati dok merungut better maintain ja ngan Hospital Pantai Cheras*

Makanya, sehingga tarikh itu, kita selalu date kat Klinik Suraya, kat Puchong. 

Oh wait~!! Semua doktor yang ada kena mengena throughout this pregnancy semua start huruf S. 

Dr Suriati
Dr Suraya
Dr Seri

Your name should start with S la sepatutnya.. Haha. =b

Em em.. Mama should sleep now since you're just slept. Nanti nak bangun nyusu lagi.

Good night!

p/s : Mama loves you so much. 

*i'll be your crying shoulder and the biggest fan of your life*