Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy 7th Zulhijjah, Happy Tuesday..


I am as free as usual. *sigh. Kinda bored*. Life is getting better. Alhamdulillah. Financial wise, well so-so, but I'm blessed. It's quite tough surviving for the past few months but we're getting used to all of these. *Taking baby steps to build a family & career.*

Actually this thoughts begin when spending times on KTMB website searching for train's tickets for this coming Eid al-adha. It end up with login to an old KTMB account, with a very very old email address and username. Haha! I immediately laughed out loud when I saw the name that I had used to sign up this account. Mohd Shukri Salem. *Since it's all history, I guess it's ok for me to blog.* Oh and don't get me wrong. I laughed because of my stupidity.

To those who know him, can you spot anything? Yes. It's his father's name. Salem. I am truly sorry. Honestly from my deepest heart. I am truly sorry for mistakenly spelling your father's name. It is Salim not Salem. We've always had a super big fight when it comes to spelling his father's name. I don't know why it's hard for me to remember that very simple thing. *How can you say you love someone when you can't even remember that basic thing about them? Silly me*

Let's recall back all the memories. Since primary school, secondary school, matriculation, university, work places, I admit that I've been such a badass. Seriously. I've had never be good to anybody. I am selfish, I never, ever will accept NO in my life, I hate of rejection, I will never share anything I love/like with others, I love winning, and a vindictive badass. I will do what ever it takes to own something. Enough said.

But as time passed, Allah has put me into this great journey of finding my true self, meeting great peoples that had changed me into someone way more better than I used to be.

Honestly from the bottom of my heart, I am trully sorry for all the mistakes that I've done, to have had hurt anyone of you in so many ways, demi Allah saya adalah sangat menyesal. If only I could turn back time.

I used to be a bad daughter and sister.
I used to be a bad friend.
I used to be a bad GF.
I took advantage on you, you and you.
I took things for granted.
On all the goodness that you've gave me.
For that I apologize.

I am learning and continue learning to be a better Muslim, daughter, sister and wife. To those who I did owe you anything, please do let me know. If not, tolong halalkan semua dunia akhirat. =)

To Love, thank you so much for every single thing, for being a super great husband, for being a super best friend, for always be there for me. For never be bored.

Sometimes it's true, Allah take away our sunshine just because He wants to grant us a beautiful rainbow.

I've found my beautiful and amazing rainbow. I'm blessed....

Happy becoming Eid al-Adha. May Allah bless us in so many ways. Amin

p/s : I'm too old to keep grudge, enemies or anything. I do forgive all of you. Demi Allah, saya halalkan semua benda, dunia akhirat.