Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hidup ini menyedihkan bila alone.

Merayau sorang diri kat mall adalah a bad activity untuk penuhi masa terluang. Being alone definitely is not a wise decision.

Pertama kali ke subang parade. Alienated myself in this building makes my neurons to stimulate a negative signals to my brain and there, my emotions become unstable. Parah! How I felt so alone in this world, no one is there to accompany me *drama*.

I miss the days where I used to do every single thing on my own. Capable of doing everything, anything. Alone. I can spend hours lepaking kat starbucks, observing people (i used to do that a lot!). But that was before. Before I have the life that I had now.

Sekarang? Baru jalan2 dua tiga round sorang2 kat subang parade dah rasa diri ni pathetic lonely.

I miss my hometown. I miss my friends. I miss incik.

Next week dah akan bertukar status kepada separa serius.


Baju : red
Hantaran : red
Tudung : red


P/s : semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita. Amin.
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