Wednesday, September 21, 2011


- Meeting with Dr Norlida
The outcome is not so good. I need to edit almost 90% of my paper. *sweat*. I need guidance from above *sambil tangan ditadah memohon doa*. I am currently stuck in my office (bukanla office sangat, a spacious room with a table for my workspace at the corner) trying to figure out how should I complete my paper for conference submission (betol ke ayat? haha). Saya kebuntuan.

I achieved nothing for the past 25 years in my life. Nothing to be proud of. I failed to be a perfect Muslim, failed to be a perfect daughter, failed to be a perfect sister, failed to be a perfect friend, and failed to be a perfect lover. -_-"

Ok stop the crap. Semua ni because of 1 rejection I got from Dr Norlida. Haha! Minda~! Apa nak jadi ni kalau tak boleh terima rejection ni? You can't survive tau!! Nothing is perfect on the first attempt~! *sad*

Ok la bye!