Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Transformation. From a hardworking engineer (cewah konon) to a lazy student. It's really tough. Tough in a way that you cant simply spend your money to buy things that you want. You are suppose to buy things you NEED using allowance money you get from U. Berjimat cermat in everything. So telan air liur je la bila keluar g low yat or mall..nampak ipad, htc, or semua gadget2 yang menarik. Haha. Mak kata pity you! Kerja elok2 p berhenti.

Well mom, I know that what i got from uitm not as much as what I used to earn. Not even half. Sedih kan? Haha. Tp this is what I want. Susah la sket dlu..later I can enjoy to the fullest maa..

Talking bout besusah dulu..now I dah kerja kat petronas. Haha. Macam gempak! Not the petronas oil n gas industry tu. I work in petronas pump station. Jadi cashier. Haha. Takto nak kerja sampai bila. Maybe lepas raya or maybe earlier than that. But one for sure, once i got converted..i'll resign. Latest is january next year..I don't know. It depends.

Lot of things i observed. There are things which really touches my heart. Contoh macam pekerja foreigner dia. Not sure from where. Sayu hati aku tengok depa. Haha..i know they're happy with their life. Cuma nak cakap kat sini yang how they struggle to survive, amazed me.

I always complain and never satisfy with my life while they're grateful with every bit moment of their life.

Macam yang sorang dah 5 6 tahun tak balik kampung jumpa family for the sake to earn a living here. Yang sorang pulak..kena masak tengah2 pagi buta sebab he said kalau tak masak..tak makan lah. Em. Berjimat. Don't compare them with me. Aku surely kalah teruk.

K lah. Nak tido dah. Taip guna HP samseng wa bikin saket tangan ja. Nanti la update guna pc.
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