Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Secret : Law of Attraction

I am so addicted reading this book lately and amazingly it helped me to slowly improve my lifestyle from being a totally complaining-for-everything-is-not-the-way-I-want jerk to self-motivated and grateful for every single thing in my life. It helps me to overcome my temper and re-direct me to become a successful person. I guess. =)

Thanks to Rhonda Byrne for authoring such a wonderful book.

The key point to achieve your dream is by understanding the "law of attraction". It's like you think of what you want, educate your sub-conscious mind and zapp~ you'll get it. Sounds easy eh? Takla senang sangat sebab you really need to focus on things that you want.

Law of attraction = like attracts like.

Kira kita ni macam magnet. Imagine ourselves as a magnet and for that, for sure there will be another magnet attracts to us. Our thoughts control everything. A powerful magnetic power emitted through our thoughts.

Contoh macam kita teringin sangat nak Ipad. Tetiap hari otak kita asyik teringat kat Ipad. So indirectly we send signal to our sub-conscious mind saying that kita teringin sangat nak Ipad tu and wish we had it. Trust me, you will have it. Tapi takla instantly dapat. It will take some time la to dapat. Sebab logically, bila kita nak something, kita akan usaha untuk dapatkan benda tu. Psychologically kita dah motivate diri kita sendiri untuk achieve things yang kita nak tu.

Contoh lain macam kalau kita teringat kat orang, orang tu pun teringat kat kita jugak. It happen in mutual way sebab otak kita ni, dia actually will produce frequency yang akan travel kat orang yang kita teringat tu. It's law of attraction. Tipu la kalau orang tu tak teringat kat kita. =b

If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand - Bob Proctor.

Well, now I know how I always get what I want (dari segi Islamnya ialah dari Allah, saya tau).
How I get to attract my incik programmer. Life that I had now..

It's all lies in the law of attraction. Cuba lah! =b
Tapi ingat. Kena focus and with all your heart. Good Luck!



rAmiZa.mY said...


*nk boyfren, nk beli rumah, nk boyfren, nk beli rumah*

cukup x? :D

emilyrockz said...

hahah..ko focus tak ni?? kalo focus br menjadi..haha =b

p/s : jgn mintak boifren..mintak suami.. =D