Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random #7

I'm writing this up with no title at the moment. Hopefully I get one once I finish writing. 
I'm putting my proposal aside, leaving all journals and articles behind and start googling around for the preparation. Haha. Hell yeah! It's still early, I know. =b
I'm just excited since the day he gave me the **** (He forced me to keep my mouth shut! Ok fine. I'm not saying anything. haha =b ) 

Btw, this whole thing.. No one had ever done it to me before. And I am so glad that you'r the first and hopefully to be the last. (Had framed the rose, just so you know, it's darn expensive yoo~! I'll claim it. You wait! haha)

So what did I googled? The theme color. Actually this was suppose to be my big day color but nevermind. We'll find another color right? 

Do you think peach suit me?? Or a combination of white and pink? or peach combines with pink? or a mixture of gold and brown? (I want my day full with flowers. Real flowers. haha bapak kaya. I wish I had a lot of money. blink blink yo~)

Too peach..

Kinda striking

Keeping this one


Keeping this one too

And this.

This is really nice.

My bestfriend had her E-day last weekend and I didn't have chance to attend. She said it was disaster. No it wasn't. She looks stunning and gorgeous! (And for the record, she doesn't prepare) I wonder how her E-day will turn out to be if she prepared.

Babe, I am so sorry. You look beautiful. And I'm not lying. *hugs*

I want to do everything on my own. The decorations, preparations and everything. Poyo sangat ka? lambat lagi la minda. haha =b


mrs radin said...

baby...yg ataih tu..color coral!!sgt lawa...try google color coral...bukan peach..i pon ingt peach..hahha..ni kakfa nk buat theme color for her big day,coral!!wah wah wah!!!mcm xlama je ni..kalu stat berangan ni...dh around d corner ni..ahhaa

emilyrockz said...

hahah..kakfa ble?? diam2 kakfa tu..ngn spe dalin? yg suka kat de kt german tu ke??

coral?? serius? sat nak p survey coral plak..haha..u ni saja ja bg i bz.. =b