Friday, June 17, 2011

Need a real big slap!

Haha. Forgive me mom and dad for not concentrating 100 percent on my research proposal! Hey I miss both of you so much! *hugs and kisses*

Ok sila tampar saya laju laju and kuat kuat for being such a dreamer asyik mengoogle about the E-day theme color. *pingsan! Thanks to En Fadzli (wow now I put his real name instead of En programmer yang tiba tiba sounds sangat gedik..) for the moral support you gave me. Not to forget, the $$ support. It's a good start yo~ to lead you become a good husband. hahah =b

Ok now. Let's google~~~~

Not sure whether this color suit me or not. Tapi cantik.

Brown again.

They say its Aqua green. It's aqualicious to me!

Innocent. Pink+peach+brownish

Aqua green

Soft Blue ke nude blue?

Green / purple


pink and brown

pink and brown kinda match~~

Never thought choosing a theme color could be totally confusing~~~ 
Ok Minda. Back to work! You have proposal to finish.

Meet you soon. =)



mrs radin said...

babe!!its normal okeh berangan untuk wedding day!!hahaha...nant akan buat kite mora alive!!hahaha

emilyrockz said...

haha..dalin~~ u kna tolong i..u kan berpengalaman~~