Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wake-up Call

Got a wake up call from Dr Norlida. Gonna meet her at 3pm today. It feels like I'm going to go for a battle or something. This might be due to all those warns I got from people around me in UiTM. That she is difficult, high expectation and kinda tough. (scary tho~)

Hm but hey, world is tough am I right? So before you step into an easy and stable life, you have to go through a lot of difficulties aite? Deeply in my heart I think it's my destiny to be attached to Dr Norlida. As for now, she is a very good person, will try her best to help people around and yes. I can see she is a tough and high expectation kinda person. But if I manage to graduate, then I am tougher than her. =)

After all, I am here to learn. To seek for knowledge. To become a better person.

"Verily, WE have created Man into toil and struggle." - Al-Balad (4)

Sesungguhnya, Allah lebih mengetahui... =)