Tuesday, May 10, 2011

random #5 : Disloyal is unacceptable

Hell yeah~ People deserve a second chance.. But have you ever heard something like this :

"Second chance is ok.. Third chance is stupid"

I'm not trying to influence you or anything. It just as a friend, I don't want you to end up regretting every single moment in your life for letting him play around with your heart. You are much more precious than just an ordinary flower (sarcastic duh! saw his updated status).

And if turn out he's no longer have your love.
He lose it by his own choice. His choice of being unfaithful to you.
Sometimes people don't realize things they have until they've lost it. They usually take it for granted.
And sometimes they have to pay for every single hurt they caused. Even it's a tiny little scratch.
Because giving another chance is like asking them to keep on hurting you while you yourself alone trying to cure those wounds they left.

"Hurt me once.. Shame on you.. Hurt me twice.. Shame on me"

I bet you had heard this quote before right? I don't know. But I don't buy those tears, efforts he made driving all way to your house, begging you for another chance. He can keep it to himself because I've seen that kind of to-win-your-heart-back efforts so many times before. And seriously, I'm sick of it. It's more to effortless effort, you know. Men will always be men. =)
Because why? They know in the end, there will still be a stupid young girl waiting for them even-though they gave us shit.

No. Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to let go. You are wise enough to think and make decision on your own. You know that we will still be by your side no matter what happen. And believe me. I will be by your side. 

The truth is..
He had planned everything for us, and He promised us that He will rewards every single pain we had with a blissful rewards. But you need to have faith. Trust in Him. InsyaAllah. 

In the end, we all will return back to our Creator. 
So live life to the fullest.
Love those who loves you, leave people who hates you.
Don't hurt other people. Because end up you will hurt yourself more.