Monday, May 23, 2011


There are things in life we treasure and can't forget.
There are things in life we wish to forget but we can't.
There are things in life we hope we never ever did.
We can't change time back nor return to the past.
We can only live life current, plan for future, work hard and pray for the Creator's bless.

One had told me that every decision we made at that time was the best decision we have at that moment.
So have no regret.

We never know what future brings us.
We never know when will our time ends.
We never know what God plans for us.
We never know.

But we did know that, one day we will end our life in this earth..
We know that nothing is eternal in this world.
We know that we will return to our Creator.

So do a favour to yourself..
Obey your God, parents, and family.
Be a good person to everyone around you.
Do what ever it takes to become a better person.

Because one will not be considered as a successful person unless he/she is success to be a good slave to his/her Creator, a good son/daughter to his/her parents, and people around them.