Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 months to go

Am I ready? aiyook~~ mati.
Tadi Dr Norlida dengan muka seriusnya telah memberi dateline. September defend proposal. *Gulp!*

Paper aku tulih tadi suma sampah. Need to re-do everything. -_-"

She's aiming for PHD. Hm..and she warned that it'll be tougher compare to now.

I am soo dead!

1. My English is sux!
2. My writing skill is sux!
3. My putting-idea-into-sentence is sux!

Everything is sux! oh I really need an English teacher right now. Mr Brian O'Conner, can you teach me please~~?? *blink blink blink*

teeettttttt~~~ kepala sudah berat..