Friday, April 8, 2011

tracking system on!

hey hey..had so much fun's been ages since our last 'lepak-ing' aite? we talked about so many things; up to things that are absolutely none of our business - gossiping.. haha.. oh and hey~ i've activated my facebook.. yeay~!! now im connecting with my babes.. keep all those gossips on track~ =b

here some of the pics.. kinda lazy to upload but thought putting those pics will make me write lesser. oh btw i've decided to continue write in english (and please pardon my baddddd englishhhh~~~ i'm in a state of learning)

credit to photoscape..for better result..cheewah~

I had my own account's book (orang panggil lejar ka? lupa).. i've started to keep track of my spending. manage my money and only buy things that i really need. (whoooa~ so not me!!) haha..sebab apa? haih~ since i've become a student again~ i need to really use my allowance wisely. i am no longer an engineer with salary been credited in my account every 2 weeks (thursday). i am jobless with no extra money to chill. pathetic kan?? waaa..but hey~ actually i feel great.. atleast i know where did my cents went. and from there i'll feel like "whoa~ macam air je duit mengalir.. berjimat please!!" haha..

i'm that kind of girl who never ever care about getting receipt after any payment. but now i'm the one who will request for the receipt. funny ain't it? semua orang must be proud of me kan kan kan? especially mak, bapak and you; dear! =b

ok gotta off to bed.. really had a great time today.. nite!

p/s : kak, one man down~~ (dah daftar syarikat? =b)