Saturday, April 2, 2011

penang's drivers freak me out..

1. have no driving manners..
2. love honking..
3. will never ever give ways to pedestrian..

I am from Penang. Purely Penang-an with almost 8years driving experience whereby outsiders (non-Penang-an) will normally classified Penang's drivers as a non-ethical drivers in Malaysia. Well, I used to disagree but somehow after 1month++ leaving Penang and stay in Shah Alam, having my driving experience here; change my mind. I must admit that Shah Alam is kinda confusing, with all the huge roundabouts (some of it not even round!), all those section's numbers to be remembered, (for the record, I stay in Section 24..haha..motif?)..kan kan? confusing right? BUT..those drivers there, seriously, even though you gave last minutes signal, once or twice blinks, you can directly change lane.. because those drivers there, they are awesome! they give ways to people. even pedestrian. they give ways man!! not like Penang.. 

It annoys me actually when I drove for 10km today, and I've been honked for more than 10times. errr? Doesn't make sense aite? Oh haa~~ I have to wait for atleast 5minutes to change lane because people here kinda selfish dowh~

The best part Penang, when you give signal to change lanes, the other driver (from the other lane) will try their best to speed up their cars and not even give us chance..seriously. it's like "Damn! Don't you dare to overtake me!!"!

oh btw, I'm writing in English as a practice. Dr Norlida she asked me to come out with journal paper for this coming conference.. *sweating!*

p/s : sorry for the bad English. haha..



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maveless sungguh. i loike!!!

emilyrockz said...

haha..thanks..meh penang meh.. =b