Thursday, April 28, 2011


nothing in my mind at the moment to share with you.. my psychotic-annoying kakak who I love the most..hahaha..yes who read this blog and called herself as anonymous-hardcore fan of mine.. one who always complaining about how i never reply to all of her comments (which is totally not true!!).. one who psychotically and insanely spam my shoutbox..

Well Ms Tetamu-tak-diundang...
you know right the actual purpose of me having this blog is to update my life when we were both apart, sorang kat kutub utara sorang kat kutub selatan..(sounds gay? haha. we're gay~)

it just now i dont really have time to keep update..


Since you ask for it..i just finished my preliminary experiment with Dr Norlida, Dr Valerie, Dr Zaini and Pn Zue. 
The experiment is to check the brainwave using EEG machine while 2 violin's player play their instrument. 
we have 2 subjects here; the players and a very cute dedicated young lady who is lying on bed to listen to the instrumental music. Guess who was the cute dedicated young lady? (I know you know who~~ hahaha)

the result was, our brainwaves will react accordingly to every pitch we heard.. but this was purely medical and music stuff.. tomorrow will be my measure and calculate the power and frequency.. 

so stay tune!!

the truth is...i dont feel like writing..but i've been forced to.. haha..thanks to Ms tetamu-tak-diundang...



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haha..finally~ u are using ur name~~~ =D

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