Friday, April 29, 2011

babysitting akif

hey there..
we're having so much fun babysitting akif for the first time of our life..haha..and both of us initially kinda crazy to figure out how to stop him from crying.. untillllll~~~
norul husna kholiah try to speak kelantanese lingua with him.. "akif, make~ jange nangeh, make deyh~"

and it's like a magic words..zapp~ he stop!! and starting to smile.. and there goes seharian my penang-ian lidah went berbelit semata-mata untuk kecek klate sama akif~~

mira dalin!! you should have told us earlier.. penat wooo pusing2 hotel semata2 nak dodoi akif tido..

he went asleep around 10am and woke up at 12noon. that's when we fed him milk and brought him to Times tak?? both of us dah berangan nak adopt cute baby ni.. (erk, tapi diri sendiri makan pun kadang2 sangkut..camne tu??)

Unfortunately it was a bad decision..Times Square takde baby terpaksalah mendukung akif sepanjang perjalanan..and lucky husna..he only wants me untuk dukung dia.. -_-'
(nasib baik slim taklah rasa berat sangat..hahaha..)

by end of the day, mama akif gave us tips~~ whoaa..tenkiu mama akif..terharu i..tapi sedih sebab u bagi tips..macam babysitter betol2 je..hahah.. =b

From top.
1. Akif moody and he wants his mama.
2. Trying to seduce Akif with cookies.
3. Seducing Akif again with kecek Kelate.
4. There was a smile.
5. Now he's fine with us..

See? babysitting is not that difficult.. you just need to know how to tackle those babies/kids...(^_^)

p/s : the next day our whole body ached like hell........... -_-"


2 days before the wedding

today is Friday..and my parents are coming tonight! yeeehooooooooo~~!!!
gonna update the efforts we've done for the pengantin..haha..
yeay~ kami berjaya akhirnya menyiapkan pelamin dan gerbang meja makan untuk kakak.. Alhamdulillah..after all the sarcastic comments made by ..well you know who..I managed to decorate it and I am proud of it.. First time tu wei~~ kagum dengan diri sendiri..

at first I was thinking of leaving it this way..haha..for me it's good enough! but thanks to si pengkritik tetap.. she managed to make me sentap and leave everything and focus on the hantaran pulak...well, her things pun tak siap lagi..sibuk2 nak kritik orang.. she was supposed to siapkan her gerbang meja makan pengantin and I settle pelamin and hantaran..around 4am, we went to bed..letih wooo~~~ (didn't snap hantaran's photos)

around 11 something I woke up and hey~!! it's true..this pelamin looks sux..what I was thinking? haha..then ideas goes like...wei banyaknya idea..banyaknya idea~~ quickly mandi and continue....

end up it becomes like this.....


cantik kan??? cantik kan??? 

and this is the gerbang..seriusli cantik..tapi aku kan egoistic plastic kan? so I will never ever tell straight to her face yang.."hey kak, gerbang hang buat cantik.." hahahha... wekz~~!!

I called it Gerbang Tarantula...

It's very unique dowh~~ 
well, saya sangat berbangga dengan diri kami sendiri..kan kak kan kak?? =b

we are the champions my friends~~
and we'll keep on fighting till the end~~~
we are the champions~
we are the champions~
no time for losers..cause we are the champions~~
of the world~~~~~



Thursday, April 28, 2011


nothing in my mind at the moment to share with you.. my psychotic-annoying kakak who I love the most..hahaha..yes who read this blog and called herself as anonymous-hardcore fan of mine.. one who always complaining about how i never reply to all of her comments (which is totally not true!!).. one who psychotically and insanely spam my shoutbox..

Well Ms Tetamu-tak-diundang...
you know right the actual purpose of me having this blog is to update my life when we were both apart, sorang kat kutub utara sorang kat kutub selatan..(sounds gay? haha. we're gay~)

it just now i dont really have time to keep update..


Since you ask for it..i just finished my preliminary experiment with Dr Norlida, Dr Valerie, Dr Zaini and Pn Zue. 
The experiment is to check the brainwave using EEG machine while 2 violin's player play their instrument. 
we have 2 subjects here; the players and a very cute dedicated young lady who is lying on bed to listen to the instrumental music. Guess who was the cute dedicated young lady? (I know you know who~~ hahaha)

the result was, our brainwaves will react accordingly to every pitch we heard.. but this was purely medical and music stuff.. tomorrow will be my measure and calculate the power and frequency.. 

so stay tune!!

the truth is...i dont feel like writing..but i've been forced to.. haha..thanks to Ms tetamu-tak-diundang...


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

let's the war begin

highlighter : check
pen : check
logbook : check
endnotes : check
articles : check

that's all about it. so let's start writing. 

Title : Tuning to Sound Frequency in Auditory Field Potentials...
Summary : errrrrr~~~ zzzZZzzzZZzz..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

random #3

hey mind..
please stop thinking..
hey eyes..
please stop crying..
hey heart..
please stop aching..

random #2

A man of words and not of deeds..
Is like a garden full of weeds..
And when the weeds begin to grow..
It's like a garden full of snow..
And when the snow begins to fall..
It's like a bird upon the wall..
And when the bird away does fly..
It's like an eagle in the sky..
And when the sky begins to roar..
It's like a lion at the door..
And when the door begins to crack..
It's like a stick across your back..
And when your back begins to smart..
It's like a penknife in your heart..
And when your heart begins to bleed..
That's when you're dead..and dead..and dead indeed..


I do understand everything. Every single thing. Who are we to deny His orders? Deny the words of our Creator?
But it's a drastic decision made by you.. Yes you. I have no words to say.
How to react. Yes, you tell me how am I suppose to react to this situation. 
Everything is in your hand. Yes, your hand.
Everything looks so easy at your side. Do you even care?

"Sometimes people disappoint you.
Sometimes people surprise you.
But you never really get to know them.
Until you listen for what's in their hearts."

So what's in your heart? I am still lost.

Friday, April 8, 2011

tracking system on!

hey hey..had so much fun's been ages since our last 'lepak-ing' aite? we talked about so many things; up to things that are absolutely none of our business - gossiping.. haha.. oh and hey~ i've activated my facebook.. yeay~!! now im connecting with my babes.. keep all those gossips on track~ =b

here some of the pics.. kinda lazy to upload but thought putting those pics will make me write lesser. oh btw i've decided to continue write in english (and please pardon my baddddd englishhhh~~~ i'm in a state of learning)

credit to photoscape..for better result..cheewah~

I had my own account's book (orang panggil lejar ka? lupa).. i've started to keep track of my spending. manage my money and only buy things that i really need. (whoooa~ so not me!!) haha..sebab apa? haih~ since i've become a student again~ i need to really use my allowance wisely. i am no longer an engineer with salary been credited in my account every 2 weeks (thursday). i am jobless with no extra money to chill. pathetic kan?? waaa..but hey~ actually i feel great.. atleast i know where did my cents went. and from there i'll feel like "whoa~ macam air je duit mengalir.. berjimat please!!" haha..

i'm that kind of girl who never ever care about getting receipt after any payment. but now i'm the one who will request for the receipt. funny ain't it? semua orang must be proud of me kan kan kan? especially mak, bapak and you; dear! =b

ok gotta off to bed.. really had a great time today.. nite!

p/s : kak, one man down~~ (dah daftar syarikat? =b)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

careless sure has its price

Haha..thanks mango!!
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penang's drivers freak me out..

1. have no driving manners..
2. love honking..
3. will never ever give ways to pedestrian..

I am from Penang. Purely Penang-an with almost 8years driving experience whereby outsiders (non-Penang-an) will normally classified Penang's drivers as a non-ethical drivers in Malaysia. Well, I used to disagree but somehow after 1month++ leaving Penang and stay in Shah Alam, having my driving experience here; change my mind. I must admit that Shah Alam is kinda confusing, with all the huge roundabouts (some of it not even round!), all those section's numbers to be remembered, (for the record, I stay in Section 24..haha..motif?)..kan kan? confusing right? BUT..those drivers there, seriously, even though you gave last minutes signal, once or twice blinks, you can directly change lane.. because those drivers there, they are awesome! they give ways to people. even pedestrian. they give ways man!! not like Penang.. 

It annoys me actually when I drove for 10km today, and I've been honked for more than 10times. errr? Doesn't make sense aite? Oh haa~~ I have to wait for atleast 5minutes to change lane because people here kinda selfish dowh~

The best part Penang, when you give signal to change lanes, the other driver (from the other lane) will try their best to speed up their cars and not even give us chance..seriously. it's like "Damn! Don't you dare to overtake me!!"!

oh btw, I'm writing in English as a practice. Dr Norlida she asked me to come out with journal paper for this coming conference.. *sweating!*

p/s : sorry for the bad English. haha..