Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hidup ni memang kena ada turning point.

and my turning point sudah sampai..
my ultimate kesabaran..
and that's it..

siap mengarang..
tomorrow will be the day..
deym~!! i need strength..
i dont have guts..but i have pride..
what ever it is...
esok segalanya..

mak..bapak..im so sorry..
didn't mean to hurt you..
jangan runsing2..
life is short...
anyhow i'll make it to the end...
end of our journey..
and this end will definitely memberikan something yang terbaik..

p/s : hope that this will lead me to a better path.. amin..



mrs radin said...

baby,,u nk buat ?emmm...

emilyrockz said...

dalin..i resign.. huu~~ :'(